Into a world where music meets imagination...

Today, the most of the people don't take the chance to hear to some music to bring themselves down, to dream, to forget problems, to enjoy life...
The album "Story of the next day", like the last album "Story of a day", is a musical trip that invite the listener to relax and imagine himself at a beautiful place far away, where music meets imagination. The album is intended to represent different times of a day, from the early morning to late in the night...
Here the tracklist:

1 - Waking up
2 - At the beach
3 - Watching the sea
4 - Closing the eyes
5 - Driving
6 - Somewhere else
7 - Far away
8 - Under the sun
9 - Thinking
10 - Chilling
11 - Sunset
12 - Balearic nights
13 - Ecstasy
14 - Free
15 - Falling into sleep

The album is beginning early in the morning, on an island far away (Track 1, Waking up). At first, you are going to the beach, to the most beautiful beach you've ever seen (Track 2, At the beach). Let's imagine yourself lying there, watching the waves crashing on the sand and relaxing (Track 3, Watching the sea). You're feeling so right that you're closing your eyes and trying to sleep (Track 4, Closing the eyes). Relax.
After that, you decide to take your car and to drive around on the island (Track 5, Driving). Somewhere else, you decide to stay at another great place, at another wonderful beach (Track 6, Somewhere else). Now you are really feeling far away from home, far from the maddening crowds, far from all...(Track 7, Far away).
It's now afternoon. You're lying again on the beach, under the very hot sun (Track 8, Under the sun). You are feeling good, but you can't stop your mind of thinking about problems, life and many another things...(Track 9, Thinking). Because of no solution anyway, you decide to completely chill out and forget all... (Track 10, Chilling). Soon, it's time for watching the sunset. At the right place, you're going to enjoy the most beautiful spectacle the nature can offer (Track 11, Sunset).
After the darkness of the night has come, it's time for going out, time for the balearic nights to start (Track 12, Balearic nights). You are now in a club on the dancefloor and feel like into ecstasy (Track 13, Ecstasy). The feeling of being so free is just amazing (Track 14, Free). But the end of the night is coming, and it's time to fall into sleep...(Track 15, Falling into sleep). Let's dream and prepare yourself for tomorrow, the story of another day begins...


Empfehlung am 01.10.2014
13 - Ecstasy
Trance - November 2013
4:24 Min
14 - Free
Trance - March 2014
3:25 Min
Empfehlung am 02.10.2014
10 - Chilling
Chillout - March 2014
3:44 Min
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