The Twinz

The Twinz
"The Twinz" is only a project by two known DJs and producer from europe.
We will present our tracks only on this platform and on soundcloud.
We do NO commercials or post it on our own sites.

If you want you can follow us on facebook, on soundloud or you will get a fan on this site here.

If you want to rate our tracks, please write it in english or dutch, so we don't have to translate it with google or something else, cause then it is always very hard to read and of course to undertstand.

So, have a nice day and stay tune...

Greetings from THE TWINZ


EDM - March 2017
3:42 Min
Aufrufe 808 mal aufgerufen
Hörzeit 01:48:28 Stunden angehört    Klicks 695 mal angehört

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