Since I was a small boy, I have been fascinated by electronic sounds and music, generated by giant analog machines. In the 80 I became a big fan of the new acid and house-music, that has mutated to our actual techno and trance music. Simultaneously I consumed a lot of relaxing NewAge and progessive EM, like Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream or Jean Michel Jarre. I never excluded any new or modern style, but it has to be electronic. In the early 90th I worked as a DJ and produced some trax for the floor. In 2005 my first album "Teralogica" has been released and some live-events, a DVD in 5.1. Surround and two releases (devided, orbit number 2) followed in 2006. In 2007, for now, I opened my owm Music-Label "MellowJet" and play some nice live-events.

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Album: elected pieces (2004 - 2011)

elected pieces (2004 - 2011)

Dear Fan of Electronic Music,
I started with "moonbooter" in 2004. Until today, I released 11 albums and 4 additional surround DVDs.
A year ago I had the idea of a best-of album, collecting my personal favorit songs. After a first,
second, third attempt I recognized that this was impossible. There are too much songs coming from my
heart, to combine them on one album with about 70 minutes. So I cannot call this album "best of".
Finally I came up with the idea to call it simply "elected pieces (2004-2011)". Because all the choosen
songs keep the deepest spirit of each concept-album. That means it was a pure emotional decision at the end.
From the beginning, I decided to distribute the download (320kB/s MP3 including the full artwork) for free.
Cause I like to thank all my fans over the world for supporting me and so keeping the continuously
motivation to make music alive. Plus it´s also a chance to enthuse more people for my music.
The physical version in standart jewelcase is also available on CD for 7,99€ at the MellowJet-Records
Webshop at
All tracks except #4 on "elected pieces" are new mixed, (partly) remixed and all songs are remastered
with huge effort to get a homogeneous album with a more brilliant sound. I hope You will agree.
Follow me on a trip to 8 years of making intelligent electronic music. Enjoy affecting melodies and an
extraordinary sound. Feel the power in between. I suggest not to zap through the songs. Take Your time
and listen to "elected pieces" carefully. So You will recognize the differences. Thanks.
Looking forward You feedback
Kind regards
Bernd "moonbooter" Scholl
Empfehlung am 29.09.2014
5:16 Min
6:08 Min
4:56 Min
5:29 Min
I am (strong mix)
Ambient - November 2012
5:33 Min
Empfehlung am 12.10.2013
Dipolar (minimix)
Downbeat - November 2012
5:32 Min
5:18 Min
6:20 Min

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Electro - May 2010
6:12 Min
Empfehlung am 03.03.2007
out of silence
Electro - September 2006
5:28 Min
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