The band MINDEAD was founded in 2001 by Timo Fielker, Marcel Grashei and Benjamin Hölle with the common goal to turn their most heartfelt pain and anger into the best music that they could!!! A few months later the yet incomplete band found their bass-player in Benedikt Wagner, who could round off MINDEAD´s heavy, grinding, low-tuned guitarsound with some seriously ass-kicking, hard pounding low-end. The result is a dangerous sonic cocktail of hate, desire and depression: intoxicating guitars blended with floorshaking drums and emotional vocals from melodic melancholy to sick aggression that Timo passionately throws into the listener`s ears. But be warned: it´s highly addictive! Having received tremendously positive feedback after several gigs, the band decided to produce their first 4-song "Promo-CD" all by themselves, which they handed out for free at their shows. Further performances and achievements such as miscellaneous airplays at foreign radio stations and high rankings in a bunch of internet-charts kept following. Late 2003 MINDEAD recorded a second EP entitled "Still Empty". Like their first CD, they produced it themselves. Again the band gained a lot of positive reception for their work and was now playing shows with bands like Emil Bulls and Transport League... In July 2005 MINDEAD started recording their first full-lenght studio album. The disc will presumably be released around June 2006 and the four-piece´s constantly growing fanbase can look forward to eight completely new and four re-recorded songs already appearing on the two predecessors of the upcoming longplayer. The songs on this one burst of energy and sparkle in absolutely professional sound due to the producing skills and encouragement of Ben Bariton, who also lend a helping hand to productions of the Farmer Boys, Dacia and the w.m.d. DON´T MISS THIS ALBUM!!!


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