marvin koala
All tracks written, produced and arranged by Marvin Koala and Salva Claim.

Marvin Koala is Italian, born in Germany, djing since 1986. He started with commercial dance sound at this time. After this time he started in 1993 with electronic beats. Resident dj in KitKat-Club Cologne, played over 6 years all over hungary with Westbam, Moguai, Marusha, Tomcraft and more...

Salva Claim is German, living and born in Cologne. He is producing since 13 years many different styles of music. In collaboration with koala its a great fusion of creativity.

This CD was especially produced for the Naked Festval 2007.

Style: Psy Trance & Pro Trance

Released: Aug. 2007/31
Label: Naked Records

Album: Naked Festival Album - 4CSONS

Naked Festival Album - 4CSONS

all tracks written, produced, arranged and compiled by marvin koala & salva claim

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70 minutes of psy, trance & goa
ysytem overload
Progressive - February 2011
8:20 Min

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Progressive - February 2011
9:16 Min
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