"Ground 0" is a studio project started in late 2006 by Andre D. Cox.
All songs are written, recorded and arranged by A.D. Cox.
(member of "Skull & Crossbones"
and "Jamey Rottencorpse and the Rising Dead" and "Dis.Connect")

" always been quite busy making music in different projects and bands,
but still I had quite a lot of song-ideas in my head, that just were not compatible with those projects.
So I sat down and wrote and recorded the first song "Humanity Version 2" for my very first "solo-project".
At first I was overwhelmed on how much work it is,
normally just being a guitar-player or singer in bands, to play everything myself.
But also I liked the point of being in control of everything, down to the mastering of the song.
I started showing the song to friends and fellow musicians, and was surprised on how good the feedback was.
That was the point when I decided to make a serious project out of it.
And since my lyrics are always a little political, I chose the name "Ground 0".
And so the project was born."


"Knowledge is power" features "Drummer-Benny" on the 2. mic.

On "Youre the one to blame" we have got "Keith Norton"
from local Quebec Hardcore-Band "Bombstore"

Album: Prototype


2 songs der Selbst-produzierten -arrangierten ersten Demo.

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