Interview am 21.10.2010 bei Radio-Bingen (
FAFNIRROCKSON im Gespräch mit Peter Petschull (Moderator).

Mister E - Lost In This Paradox

Third single of Mister E album by Breck Stewart, music by FAFNIRROCKSON.
Directed by Breck Stewart, first AD Mario Beauchesne and DP Stevy Turmel produced by MoonDaze Productions.
Featuring Bony D. St-Jean as Para, Stéphanie Tremblay as Dox, Jorge Briceno as Vesto and Mario Beauchesne as Vixo.

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Mister E - Disturbing Bliss

Fourth single of Mister E album by Breck Stewart, music by Fafnirrockson, mastering by 604-ToKaY. Directed and edited by Breck Stewart with first AD and DP Steve Turmel, Second AD Stephan Tremblay and featuring Mario Beauchesne as Vixo, Bruno St-Jacques as Vecto, Bony D. as Para and Mathieu Primeau as Donji, produced by MoonDaze Productions. The term Mister E is a reference to the drug MDMA commonly known as Ecstasy which is very popular in clubs. All the songs on Mister E are about the danger of Ecstasy and how it can have a devastating effect on the human brain.

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Future Chemicals by Alphanaut has just been uploaded for distribution!
Official release date is April 29th!
Fifth track is a truly unique take on “Happily Sedated”, and Out of Orbit track, all done up for the clubs by Fafnirrockson.

"Let Me” Best indie dance song
Let Me Best indie dance song Indie Music Channel awards 2014 by Jenni French and FAFNIRROCKSON.
We are so proud !