After splitting up with their former band 'Corvin', Andy, Steve and Tom decided to create something new based on their creative and outstanding ideas and songs Tom already had nearly busting his harddrive. This was the hour of birth of Eneera.
Soon a rehearsal room was found in Vienna's multicultural district 'Ottakring' and the hunt for a drummer and a shouter was on. Moments later, Georg outfitted with mature Drum Skills and Pujan ('Pu') with his passion for brute, shattering shouts, turned out to be a perfect addition to the band and so the project was on track.

The first single named 'Hades' was recorded, mixed and mastered in December 2010 at 'Hinterhof Studios' by Norbert Leitner and we are all very eager to present you our first work soon! The next Recordings are planned for March and April 2011 - so stay tuned for some Aggressive Disco Fox! Hellyeah!


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True Metal - February 2011
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