FiN (*P.P.H.) and the ELECTRIO BOYs RADIO On Air Project 2016

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Hello VISITOR, FRIENDs, MUSICIANs or MyOwnMusic -FANs...This is the INFo-Site of FINMANAGEMENT UNIcity GOETTINGEN / Germany and WELCOME to the Music of FIN (p.p.h) and the Band with the incredible team-spirit.
Every team-player or soloist in the ensembles or on the CDs is a
renowned master in his/her field and on his/her instrument.
The outcome of these musical journeys is so different from the music you usually hear that, we promise you, the music will sound so unique to you.
In other words, you have never heard of the music like this before, nor you might ever have dreamed of the possibility of such music.

INFo: Musician...You a hardcore Bluesmusic enthusiast, who enjoys FIN's performances since ever you can think
(he is on the road with Bandproject since 1965 and so much people have heard and seen him live in TOO?! (;-)
Thanks so much for your ADD...greetings with a Hug in MUSIC...Stephanie (Staff of FINMANAGEMENT 2000). I wish your much FUN on this INFo-Site...and a GOOD YEAR 2016...all the BEST.. in Music-Spirit (;-))

Musicians: Mr. Paul (Guitar, Keyboard), Mr. Ecki (Percussion & Sound-Technic) and Mr. FiN (P.P.H.) (Guitar, Bass & Vocals). " NEW Project of FiN (P.P.H.) " Bandleader of FiN and the BAND Project 1974