BUGHOLE besteht seit dem Jahr 2004. Nach einer gleichnamigen EP im selben Jahr folgte 2005 nach einer Umbesetzung an den Drums der Deal mit RPM Records London und die aus dieser Zusammenarbeit resultierende zweite EP Fucked Up. Mit dem 2006 aufgenommenen Demo Fight Me stellten BUGHOLE die musikalischen Weichen für die Anfang 2007 mit Mario Dahmen für enginEAR produzierte EP My Revelation.

BUGHOLE steht für runtergestimmte, aggressive und grundehrliche Musik zwischen Thrash, Groove und Hardcore.

Album: fight me

fight me

Mit ihrer 2. EP fight me geht es nun westenlich härter und schneller zu als auf dem Vorgänger.
Thrashmetal vom feinsten.

Taken from:

Fight Me - Demo CD
Bughole is a new born band from Germany. They have only two years of existence but so far they have released one demo CD, their first one and a CD single. “Fight Me” is their second demo work which was released earlier this year. In this work the band has included three tracks and eleven minutes of pure metal music. So I am pretty sure that you can imagine the musical direction of Bughole, even only from their creation year. I mean they are young guys; they formed back in 2004 so of course they deliver to our ears a mixture of thrash metal with hardcore elements especially on the vocals. Of course the band has a lot of energy and aggressive moments in their music and through these three songs they have passed almost perfectly the picture of their sound to the listeners. I believe it is a thrasher version of SOULFLY just to get a clearer picture of Bughole.
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Antonis Maglaras

Album: My Revelation

My Revelation

written 2007 by bughole
text 2007 by Achim Schneckenbühl

Recorded @ "Liquid Aether Studios" in Schleiden Broich under the supervision of mastermind Mario Dahmen (

Mastered by Alan Douches of West Westside Musik NY USA

Single: Demo 2008

Demo 2008

Recorded and Mixed @liquid Aether Studios Schleiden Broich (
Mastered @ Skywalrecords Trier
Hardcore Metal - February 2008
5:05 Min
Hardcore Metal - February 2008
3:07 Min
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