Monkeys In Your Head

Monkeys In Your Head
Monkeys In Your Head aus Düsseldorf sind 4 ambitionierte Musiker
Holger / Vocals
Georg / Guitar
Eddi / Bass
Martin / Drums
die aus Leidenschaft Musik machen, hauptsächlich aus Spass. :) dennoch anspruchsvoll mit sich und der Musik auseinander setzen.

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Album: Monkeys In Your Head

Monkeys In Your Head

Ach ja, übrigens, wir sind auf der Suche nach n Keyboarder!! Bei Interesse, meldet euch bitte!

Released Januar 2013 , this is Monkeys In Your Head's first EP, containing 5 songs recorded and mixed by Chrstian "Moschus" Moos at the Spacelab Studios in Grefrath and mastered by Eroc at Eroc's Mastering Ranch.

The music made by Monkeys In Your Head can certainly not be classified as typically progressive rock, but a lot of different elements from various genres do flow into their music -- Hendrix-style rock licks and early 70's Genesis prog rock together with some heavy metal and bits and pieces of Jazz and even Ska are all thrown into the big melting pot. As the name of the band already indicates, these guys hardly come to rest, and it is not a surprise that almost every song has some odd-meter parts to it to express this, ranging from 5/4, 7/8, 9/8 and 11/4 and so on.

Suffer In Silence:
This song is pretty much the most straight forward 4/4 rock song from Monkeys In Your Head; undeniably based on a Hendrix-lick, the song moves into a catchy chorus with vocal harmonies and is interrupted several times by a somewhat heavier bridge and a number of breaks. The last part of this tune is very melodic and gives room for more guitar work.

Loosen Up:
The chorus of this song was inspired by Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones" together with some odd-meter stuff from Sting for the verse part. It has a bit of Ska-feel to it, and despite of the 7/4 meter the listener is not thrown out of balance all too much. The latter part of the song was done in half time with a 3/4 bar in the turn-around and contains a very nice guitar solo over some acoustic and electric twelve-string guitars.

Chances - Listen To My Heart:
This song underwent quite a few changes over the years before finally evolving into the 5/8, 6/8 and 4/4 structure that it has today. "Chances" is carried by an acoustic guitar and starts out with some fretless bass work before moving into some interesting 3-piece vocal harmonies. Then the actual verse starts and merges into 6/8 for the chorus and bridge parts.
The tempo in the second part "Can't You Hear It Sing" is raised by 10bmp and has a bit of a medieval touch to it. The transition to the last section "Listen To My Heart" takes the tempo up another 10 notches and moves into a shuffle-like feel for the guitar solo and outro.

Hear The Beating Of The Dragon Heart:
This song was inspired by several phanstasie stories and was actually written on the bass guitar; hence it starts out with drums, waking up the dragon. The verse is in 4/4 with a triplet-feel which is doubled by the guitar and moves into a 9/8 part with harmonized vocals for the chorus. The bridge continues in 4/4 and progresses through a number of intersting chord changes to build up the tension.
The next section is in 7/8 and was inspired by Dave Matthews "Dreaming Tree"; originally this part was just in Dm but evolved over the years into a more haunting version, alternating now between Dm and Am and switching from an Aeolian to a Locrian pattern leading up to the guitar solo over the instrumental bridge.
The end of the song is in 4/4 again with a 7/8 turn-around and is probably the heaviest the band currently has to offer; you can literally feel the dragon coming after you as the doubles bass drums builds the fundament of the final movement.

Jelly Pearl:
This song is pretty much a straight forward rock tune that starts out with just guitar and vocals. When the bass and drums kick in more energy is released and the songs moves through another round of verses and chorus. The first guitar solo is embedded between two bridge parts before the songs takes a turn and moves into an 11/4 chord progression -- you don't wanna miss it!.
The second guitar solo starts out with some very delicate and jazzy stuff before bursting into a more overdriven final, backed by some strong rhythm guitars and more elaborate bass walks.
The song ends as it start with just guitar and vocals.

Thanks for listening and enjoy!
Looking forward to read you reviews.

--Monkeys In Your Head
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