IWACU Rock Reggae

Ras Ngabo - Jurg Heiniger - Claude Alain Biedermann - Taoufiq Essahbi - Christophe Ponchel
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IWACU Rock Reggae
Iwacu means 'home' , the place where we feel good. Iwacu is a mixture between the Jamaican and the African reggae in a reggae dub style. The lyrics are in English and kinyarwanda .

Created in 2014 by some reggae lovers, Iwacu performs his own compositions in a rock reggae arrangement from the 70's.
A first album EP 4 tracks was released this summer by streaming and is free to download on the website.

Band crew :

Born in Rwanda , Ras Ngabo has spent all his childhood in Kigali.
After some secondary school studies , he began his career as a musician with the Holy Jah Doves while also being a radio host.
Arrived in Switzerland in 2009 , he got himself noticed as a singer in the reggae band Jah Man Gang.
From 2010 to 2013.
He has played along heavyweights like The Congos, Ismel Mc . Anuff and Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace.

Native from Berne , guitarist Jurg Heiniger is a globetrotter who ,after studying at the Boston Berklee college of music , has lived 17 years in London before returning to settle in Switzerland .
He has played for big names such as Pablo Moses (jam) , Rico Rodriguez (jam) , Phil Manzanera (GB) , Jon Otis & The Boxx (CH/USA) , Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace (Jam) , Cedric 'Congo' Myton (Jam)

Born and raised in Bienne , Claude Alain Biedermann teaches piano and keyboards at BBM74 Neuchâtel.
On stage he is one of the best : don't be fooled by his calm look, he is a really efficient professional .
He was and still is in all good swiss groups : The Mad Lighters , Jahmangang , Booots , Spahni's dub dancers, Amadou Diolo...

Moroccan Taoufiq Essahbi is the youngest of a large family of 14 children!
He has spent his youth in France, Montpellier then Grenoble ; it was there that he refined his taste for reggae being Sinsemilia , Radio Zigzag and Gnawa Diffusion drummer.
He has played with his brother Samir Essahbi in front of over 30.000 people in Morocco !
Married with 2 children, he shares his time between his family, his work and his music.
He plays in 3 bands ( Iwacu , Amadou Diolo and Jahmangang ) ... In other words he is overbooked!

Christophe Ponchel was born and raised in Paris .
Once with his bachelor degree , he left to pursue his studies in Fribourg where he obtained a BA degree in economics.
He has been a founding member of Jahmangang since 1996.
In addition of being a bassist , he was also the producer & manager of Jahmangang and currently of Iwacu

Album: IWACU Rock Reggae

IWACU Rock Reggae

EP album 2014 :
1. Iwacu Rock Reggae
2. Inshuti
3.Can't Refuse Jah
4. We Must Be One
4:22 Min
Reggae & Ska - October 2014
3:15 Min
4:09 Min
4:47 Min
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