Deliriums Dawn

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Deliriums Dawn
Delirium's Dawn sind:
Ary - Vox/Guit
Tom - Guit
Younas - Bass
Manu - Drums

Album: between rage and madness

between rage and madness

Produced by: Max Kuttner, TA-Productions
Mixed by: Aryan Keshtgarpoor
01 Intro
02 Fear To Fail
03 Reflective Infinity
04 Alienation
05 Through Death And Pain
06 Drunkenness
07 Between Rage...
08 ...And Madness
Total Play Time: 32 min

Album: The Rebirth Of Osiris

The Rebirth Of Osiris

Produced by: TA-Productions / DD-Studios
Mixed by: Aryan Keshtgarpoor, Younas Khan
01 Seat Of The Eye
02 Insurrection
03 Writing On The Wall
04 Surveillance
05 Deeper Insight
06 Water's Calling
07 To The River Styx
08 Rising Decadence
09 Buried In Oblivion
10 Tearing Disdain
11 The Rebirth Of Osiris
Total Play Time: 61 min

Album: Built Upon The Ruins Of An Empire

Built Upon The Ruins Of An Empire

Produced by: TA Productions
Recorded by: DD- Studios


01 Morality's Lost
02 Some Gave All
03 Perilous Impact
04 Night Is A World Lit By Itself
05 Restricted View
06 Vanitas
07 Built Upon The Ruins Of An Empire
08 Tales Of regression
09 Aspersion / ft. Laura Öztümer
10 Evenfall
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