Music as a progress of soul has always been the root of my origin.

Not trying, just developing a sound that feels like home. Issues about melancholie, despair, love and the relation to nature are crucial for the movement in DAI KOMIO.

"Music speaks for itself, as long as we give her a chance."

(Yehudi Menuhin)

Album: Decisions


Here it is. The result of 2 years intensive work.
In this chapter i learned a lot about myself. There were many ups and downs and frustrating moments wich sometimes pushed me to the limit of my patience.
But now when i hear the results, its clear to me to stay focused and hold on to the things you love the most.
In the end it all pais off.
I also want to thank "Frank Baker" for doing the audio-mastering of the album and spending the time to reflect this essential step!
The aim of this album was to experiment with electronic sounds and i always wanted to make this kind of music.
For all the others who are missing the old Dai Komio sound, don t worry, the next album is already in progress and will contain the essencial characteristics.
Now you have the possibility to download the album in standard high quality formats and also higher quality for all the audiphile people out there.
The Donation Option is open. A very good thing as well, so art
isn t bound to material aspects, either only accesiblle for the higher class society.
This album is dedicated to the people who were there in the early beginnnig and still believe in this project.
You know who you are!
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