So, now a short story about Martin Brunner aka Madney Moon: His birthday is 1988, male and was born in Upperaustria! At the age of fourteen (2003), he and his brother founded a culture club ,which should promote electronic music. From then on, Minimal/Techno have been his constant, inspiring companions and give him from day to day lively vibrations! Especially producing. Mixing vinyls he started with fourteen and he learned the ability very quickly. He played on different parties and events, also self organized and each time he refined his djing and dealing with electronic beats, sounds and melodies etc. in a very fine and exactly way. At the age of sixteen - while doing his apprenticeship in the metal industry - he defined following … realizing his own imagination of sound design and creating professional atmosphere, space, dynamics and exciting runnings of the tracks. The last 6 years he spent a lot of highconcentrated and intensive hours, days and nights on creating sound structures /motivation and spirit: 100% At the moment (2012) his feeling being on the right way let him reach his aim step by step. To live his life as a musician.