Rock Flexible

Rock Flexible

Rock Flexible is a hobby guitar player, hobby producer and occasional singer based in Berlin, Germany.

He is more interested in the production side of things and he will immediately stop making music as soon as he has achieved his final goal: Creating music in the quality of the ones producing for Radio and CDs :o)

Here on this profile his German songs and new releases shall be found ...
Hope you enjoy ...

Rock owns the small basement home studio "CandyLand Studio" in Berlin. He uses the following - not complete - list of equipment to record and mix his music:

- Fender, Ibanez, Schecter, Ovation guitars
- Line 6, NI Guitar Rig, H&K ToneMeister, Morley Effects and Amps
- Mics: RODE NT5MP, Shure SM57/58, sE X1R, Brauner Phanthera
- Outboard: Alesis QV2, WA76, VC1, GoldMike
- Interface: RME FireFace
- Monitors: ADAM A7X
- DAW: Logic Pro X
- Software: NI Maschine, NI Komplete, Waves, Melodyne, u-he

Rock Flexible's Pro Account on Soundcloud:

Rock Flexible's Medieval Soundtrack World (Mittelalter Game Music):

Album: Deutsche Musik

Deutsche Musik

Deutsche Songs

Album: Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

My Voice-less tracks ...

Album: English Vocals

English Vocals

My music with english vocals.
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